Short Stories

I procrastinate. Or should I say, I have taken on an unfortunate habit of incorporating procrastination into my overall process of accomplishment. I use procrastination as a means of getting certain things done while I avoid others. In this way I have spent many an hour watching Netflix and embroidering handkerchiefs, or, as it happens, writing short stories. I like writing short stories because they are low commitment. It is like taking the snapshot of an idea and then dissecting it. I think of short stories as being avant garde art.

The thing I like most about short stories, is the challenge. Short stories are difficult to do well. Yet, I think Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, is above and away the best thing he ever wrote.

I don’t really think my short stories are all that good, but I think it is like poetry, most short stories tend to be fairly mediocre, but they can still convey an idea that is compelling. It is like looking through someone else’s photographs, you aren’t sure why but there is something enjoyable about it. You are entering their world as an invited voyeur.

Well, you are welcome to peruse my mind through these stories. They are more often than not about my friend’s children, and I have no idea why.