Amanda Hester is a second generation Shambhala Buddhist who lives, writes, and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has an undergraduate degree from King’s College, and two graduate degrees, in political science and criminology, from Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s University. She works as a freelance editor, teacher, and consultant both in Halifax and internationally.

Amanda’s academic work has largely focussed on issues of identity, culture, oppression, counter-insurgency, military theory, and the Middle East, with a recent emphasis on critical criminology, security studies, critical race and gender theory, and work in criminal desistance.

Amanda is currently writing the second book in a series of three fantasy novels. These are, tentatively titled, The Red CityChildren of the Baragouin, and The Bee Prophecy.

Amanda is the daughter of Jane and Randy Hester who became students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in Boulder, Colorado, in the early 1970s. They moved to Nova Scotia in 1986. Jane is an English and Math teacher who founded the Shambhala School in Halifax, and Randy is an accomplished stained-glass artist with artwork in churches across the Maritimes. His work can be found online at www.hesterstainedglass.com

Amanda is currently a part-time caregiver for her father who has developed Parkinson’s disease.