Beyond an Enemy

Beyond an Enemy: exploring the need for mindfulness training in a new generation of warfare.  Amanda Hester Fighting for Peace War and peace are two ends of a spectrum, intrinsically connected. The forward strategy employed by the United States, and by many western industrialized countries, has become a multi-headed beast, of peace enforcement, humanitarian intervention, and counter-insurgency operations. It has developed a new kind of warfare, one that embodies the co-emergent nature of conflict and peace, whereby western soldiers on foreign soil rush in as medics, to try and save the life of men they just gunned down. War is waged so that we can have peace, so that others may have peace. This conversation between war and peace is becoming the linchpin of strategic operations. The mandate for our military has become one of creating peace in an environment of conflict, and in an environment where that conflict arises in part from the presence of our soldiers. Mindfulness practice, […]