Learning to Waltz with Invisible Monsters

As my father’s Parkinson’s develops he finds himself struggling with movement. To those of us around him everything seems more or less fine, his normal shuffle, but then he will pause and look perplexed. His cognitive function is in slow but steady decline, so often we assume that it is this, but then when we ask him he says that he can’t move, or doesn’t know how to walk. Now, it should be mentioned that if my father were a children’s story, he would be The Boy Who Cried Wolf. It isn’t that he is a malicious liar, it is merely that he likes a good story. He likes to embellish or exaggerate. He believes that everything in life should be sacrificed to serve the creation of entertaining stories and anecdotes, especially truth. This has gotten him in trouble more than once, but it is also how we got him to stop driving. He had gone in to see the […]